The minimum cost of the training as the Beat the Odds® Certified therapist is $5,960.00 (including room and board for the 5-day residential retreat). The largest chunk of the cost is $2500 + around $550-$720 for room and board for the 5-day residential retreat session.

In our experience the 5-day residential workshop offers the best training and supervision opportunities, and we encourage all trainees to participate in at least one of them and actually stay on the retreat grounds rather than choose the commuter option. We are aware of the significant cost but, at times, discounts and scholarships are offered. We are also seeking grants to offer training at an even more reduced cost, but with a requirement to pay it back in the form of leading or facilitating such groups and to provide individual/family sessions (under supervision).

We are committed to making this training as affordable as possible; therefore, the participation as an intern in the upcoming course starting will be free. Our usual training fee for the ten-week course is $1,250 including between classes supervision.

The fees include a bound 70-page BTO Workbook and a BTO Facilitator Manual. If it is determined, that more training or supervision is needed, the cost for the training may increase.

Example of the training fee structure:

    • Facilitator 1-day workshop – $125
    • “Have the Conversation” End of Life 3-hour workshop – free
    • Rational Behavior Therapy (RBT) 3-day workshop – $335
    • Optional 2-day workshop in Cognitive-Behavioral Non-Denominational Spiritual-Existential Therapy $270 (participants of the RBT workshop get 50% discount -$135)
  • 10-week BTO Courses with supervision – $1,250
  • Urban 2-weekend BTO retreat – $1,750
  • Residential 5-day BTO retreat with supervision – $2,500 (excluding room and board – around $560-720) – substantial discounts available for the 2nd and 3rd participation in the residential retreat.

Minimum Total (includes Facilitator 1-day, RBT 3-day, two 10-week BTO courses, “Have the Conversation” and one residential 5-day retreat with room and board) – $5,960.00

Room and Board at the 5-day residential retreat October 23-28, 2016:

  • Per Person/Double for 5 nights with 14 meals: $549.00 (2 people per room)
  • Per Person/Single for 5 nights with 14 meals $719.00 (1 person per room)
  • Commuter rate (with lunch and dinner): $300 Per Person

To obtain more information, sign up please call: (562) 427-3897.