The program has profoundly helped me strive for the highest ambition and for the greatest joy in my life. I have learned that our higher emotions of love, peace, joy, and appreciation come from a divine source. When we assimilate human effort with divine power, through daily meditation, these elusive emotions become part of our being.

Also, I have realized that we influence ourselves for good or ill. Our lives are inadvertently guided by an intrinsic stream of thoughts and small decisions that add up to life or death. We are born to share happiness just as surely as the sun is meant to shine. We are social beings by nature and are not meant to isolate but instead to surround ourselves with people who know something about making good choices so that we may learn to achieve the greatest success in our lives. Come and enjoy the sojourn.


August 10, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish that every caner patient would have a chance to attend the “Beat The Odds” Program. I feel very fortunate that this program was available to me, and that I could be a part of it.

What I have learned and how it has helped me to “be well again” is immeasurable. The strength and support Dr. Mariusz Wirga and Dr. Aleksandra Wirga offer is amazing. Everyday I still use what I learned from attending the group.

When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I heard everything from you have a 50/50% chance of survival to your prognosis is excellent.

I learned through the program that we are not statistics, and no matter how sick a person is they can get well again.

I learned more about the value of meditation and how “well thinking” can support one through the tough times.

When I was first diagnosed, I started reading everything I could find about what part ones mental attitude plays in the healing process. One of the first books I read was “Getting Well Again” by O. Carl Simonton, and then a counselor gave me a flyer about “Beat the Odds” and Dr. Mariusz and Aleksandra Wirga.

It seems things just fell into place and I was on the healing journey.

I know the things I have learned in this program will be a part of the rest of my life.


Sylvia Rowland
Long Beach, CA