Class Schedule

Beat the Odds

A Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program


Program Schedule:

Class 1     Increasing strength and vitality   

  • discovering what you already do to effectively deal with stress
  • increasing energy with mindful breathing and natural relaxation
  • identifying activities that increase meaning, joy, deep fulfillment and peace of mind
  • Belief Work: resolving emotional distress


Class 2     Imagery: Transforming fear into peace of mind

  • the use of the imagination in health
  • exploring beliefs about: the disease, treatments received, healing systems of our bodies
  • practice of guided imagery
  • opening a door to the exploration of our non-conscious health attitudes


Class 3     Developing and strengthening hope and trust

  • understanding hope as a belief that desirable things are obtainable regardless of the remoteness of the probabilities
  • the role of ritual in developing trust and faith and in maintaining hope
  • protection from doubt and despair
  • exploring spiritual/religious/philosophical/existential beliefs


Class 4     Stress management, meaning of illness

Homework Assignment

  • insurance for recurrence – what to do?
  • exploring individual patterns of adapting to changes in our lives
  • understanding benefits of illness as the needs we allow ourselves to meet only in disease
  • exploring the meanings of illness
  • addressing attachment to outcome


Class 5     Integrating health and illness, life and death

  • the purpose of this class is to increase our energy for living life today
  • exploring beliefs about death and dying
  • replacing fear and other negative emotions with peace of mind


Class 6  Strengthening support and communication skills

Homework Assignment

  • clarifying the role of the supported and the supporting
  • communicating concerns while resolving fear
  • dealing with hopelessness
  • balancing care and attachment to outcome


Class 7     Developing a Personal Health Plan

  • getting priorities straight and healthy
  • setting healthy goals
  • balancing life and exploring the role of:
    • play
    • nutrition
    • creative thinking
    • social support
    • physical activity
    • purpose in life
  • developing a fail-proof health plan to help understand what I can do today to move in the direction of health
  • Play and Unconditioned Laughter


Class 8    Symptom Self-Management

  • How to effectively handle pain, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath, etc
  • Comfort with no deprivation and no fight


Class 9    Common Negative Emotions

  • Effectively resolving of worry, fear, despair, resentment, anger and guilt


Class 10   My Path – Moving Forward  

  • Review of cognitive neuroscience and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) in Beat the Odds
  • revision of 2-Year Health Plan
  • evaluating and using your available resources
  • recognizing the health value of people around you
  • finding the support that suits you
  • protecting hope and energy
  • utilizing support groups