Beat the Odds® – Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program

Intro Training

This one-day workshop is for counselors and therapists who want to learn how to effectively run small “breakout” group facilitation for cancer patients and their families. It is also a great workshop for those who just want to brush up on their skills in facilitating group sessions.
The approach in this workshop is comprehensive, directly addressing all spheres of human existence: emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social, and spiritual, all integrated in an internally consistent program.
The therapeutic interventions are based on modern learning theory, as well as ancient teachings. These include individual, group, family, and social counseling. We also teach self-help skills for patients and their support people so they can more effectively resolve problems in all areas of their lives.

The training experience in this workshop is enriching for therapists of different orientations and can be easily applied in counseling for any group of people facing problems of life-threatening proportions.

This workshop is interactive and focuses on acquiring practical skills. The material covered consists of:

  • The scientific foundation of Beat the Odds®
  • The origins and philosophical principles of Beat the Odds®
  • Ten Emotional Skills of Cancer Survival
  • Review of all modules in the program
  • Group process in Beat the Odds® classes
  • Rules of engagement – facilitation of small (breakout) groups
  • Practical exercises
  • Group Belief Work in class
  • Use of technology and videoconferencing equipment
  • Boost the Odds – Alumni Program: Lifestyle Modification
  • Further Training in Beat the Odds®

Fees – $125.

Location: TBD but usually in the Group Room 1, 2nd Floor, Todd Cancer Institute, 2810 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90804

CME category 1 credits offered.

To sign up and RSVP prior to the workshop at or cell 562 505 5654 (email preferable).