Of course you are. But, as with any other skill, there is always room for improvement. Just like great athletes practice regularly to improve, this program can help you improve your coping skills.

People who cope successfully at times of extreme stress can be less effective at other times, and can benefit from improving their coping skills, especially as the world around us gets more and more complex.

While we present areas for improvement, our program also allows you to further strengthen and expand on the things you’re doing right.

Emotional growth and skill-building are at the heart of our comprehensive cancer survivorship program. We teach modern, research based methods for better coping so you can:

  • Manage symptoms such as pain or nausea.
  • Develop healthy beliefs about your illness and prescribed treatments.
  • Harness the power of your mind and imagination to work for you.
  • Effectively resolve emotional crises.
  • Address spiritual issues.
  • Effectively deal with fear, worry, blame, resentment, and guilt.
  • Integrate matters of life and death in a healthy way.
  • Tackle communication challenges with your loved ones about your support.
  • Strengthen and maintain hope.
  • Develop an action plan.