Frequently Asked Questions

By skillfully addressing all of the issues that come with  a life-threatening illness, Beat the Odds, a comprehensive cancer survivorship program, gives you the opportunity to systematically improve your ability to deal with stress and adversity in any moment, improving your quality of life and, possibly, chances of survival.

Have questions about Beat the Odds? We’ve got answers.

FAQ 1. Do I have to “stay positive” to get well?

FAQ 2. But I’m already coping the best I can! How could I possibly cope any better?  

FAQ 3. How can my mind help me heal from cancer?

FAQ 4. What is the evidence that pyschotherapeutic interventions really work?

FAQ 5. What if I don’t have the energy or hope to engage in any more treatment?

FAQ 6. Does it work with other diseases?

FAQ 7. How much does it cost?

FAQ 8. Do I need a referral?

FAQ 9. Do I have to bring a support person?

FAQ 10. How do I enroll in the Beat the Odds program?